What To do if you Drop your Phone in Water.

Whether you’ve dropped your phone in the sink, gotten it soaked through in the rain, or even had that ‘it fell in the toilet’ moment, if you’re quick enough and follow the right steps you may be able to salvage your phone unscathed from its watery excursion.

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there but not all of them hold up to real testing. Here’s what you should do to get your phone back up and running.

It may seem obvious but if your phone is submerged in water get it out quick. Once the device is no longer submerged you can get to work in minimising damage.

Your first instinct is probably going to be press all the buttons to see if it still works or blasting it with a hairdryer to quickly dry it out, don’t! While well-intentioned, you will cause more harm than good. Pressing buttons could cause residue water to seep into other parts of the phone and using a hairdryer or applying extreme heat can cause server damage to the internal electrics.

first things first remove any covers or cases at get the battery out, don’t worry about turning the phone off first, just get the battery out fast. You want to cut off power in the device as quickly as possible to prevent the possibility of a short circuit. Unfortunately, with some phones it’s difficult to access the battery, in this case, you will need to power it down using the off button, do this cautiously making sure residue water is wiped away from buttons as much as possible. You will also want to remove sim cards and any additional storage cards (SD cards) to make sure they are not holding any water.

Next, carefully pat dry with a paper towel or cloth wiping away visible excess water. You will need to ensure that none of the paper gets lodged in any of the open gaps in the phone. Don’t be tempted to shake off your device either, this can be dangerous as it allows water to move through the device. You can also gently run the nozzle of your vacuum over your device to draw the liquid out of the inner, delicate parts of the phone. However, holding your device too close to the vacuum can create static electricity, which will damage the phone.

Most people have heard of the trick of putting a wet phone in rice to soak up the excess moisture. While in theory, this is a clever idea, it’s not necessarily the most efficient method. A top tip is to start collecting silica gel packets often found in new shoe boxes or bag. Silica gel is a kind of desiccant that is excellent at absorbing moisture. Put a couple in a zip lock bag along with your phone overnight and come morning you phone should be moisture-free. Patience is key. When it comes to salvaging your phone from water damage, don’t be tempted to turn your phone back on soon after it was submerged.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will go some way to saving your smartphone from water damage, but there’s always the chance that the damage is irreparable. Mobile phone insurance is the best way to cover yourself against such accidents and will put those panic-inducing moments to bed!

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