How to Protect your Gadget, The 5 Top Tips.

It’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone, laptop or tablet; they have become a critical part of our daily life so much so they are almost a necessity. They keep us in touch with our friend and family, give us access to social media, games, news, online banking the list goes on. Almost everything in our lives is enhanced by the devices we use so we want to keep them safe. Plus, with all this access to various services,  gadgets and smartphones now hold more sensitive information about us than ever before so it is important to keep them safe.

to avoid gadget related mishaps here are our 5 top safety tips for keeping your mobile phone and gadgets safe and protected.

1. Create a strong passcode

Putting a password lock on your gadget is the first line of defence for the safety and security for your gadget. A passcode will prevent anyone from just picking up your gadget and having immediate access. Make sure you choose a strong password which isn’t easy to guess, the longest more complex passwords are usually the most difficult to guess.

2. Invest in protective accessories

A good place to start is by investing in a phone case or a laptop bag to keep your devices out of harm’s way. It may also be useful, particularly for mobiles, to use a screen protector. By adding these secondary layers of protection to your devices you reduce the risk of damage as well as keeping it clean and scratch-free.

You can also have a bit of fun choosing a stylish case or cover. You don’t have to be restricted by boring designs, add a little flair to your device whilst keeping it suitably protected.

3. Avoid putting your phone in your back pocket

Everybody does it, and it’s usually the most convenient spot, but it is also one of the riskiest spots. Even if it feels safe, there’s nothing to stop someone leaning across and pinching it from you without you realising. Not only that but by leaving your phone in your back pocket there’s also a risk, unsurprisingly, that it’s going to be damaged when sat on or by it falling out.

Where you can its always best to be on the safe side by putting your device in a safe place, zipped up and out of sight.

4. Device locator

Install a device locator app on your mobile devices. In the event you were to lose your smartphones, tablet or laptop, with a device locator installed, you can use it to track your device, remotely lock it or wipe clean private information should it fall into the wrong hands.

5. Think about getting gadget insurance

Unfortunately, even if you follow all the advice, mishaps can still happen. That’s why it’s worth considering gadget insurance. With Gadget insurance, you are fully protected when you’re out and about, so should they be lost, stolen, or broken, you wouldn’t have to be without them for too long.

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